The guide of HVH 3: scripts HVH 3 指南:脚本

 The script of a cheat is meant a file that is JavaScript or Lua. These scripts are mostly made by users to the extent of the cheat function. It like coding a mod for the cheat. The scripts normally do is an example as an indicator, min damage, custom anti aim, and visual stuff, etc. This is made possible by the api key given by the cheat developer. You can get this script mainly from the chat forum or the scriptwriter. Just like the cheat and the config, the script has paid and free version too. Free script normally is come together with the free config or cracked leak script. The paid script is a lock with your cheat forum user uid so it is useless to leak it. Remember only purchase the script from reliable sources like from the trusted scriptwriter(for example DHDJ) or trusted platform/reseller(for example me). Get the right script and config it suitable to your play style then it will be powerful. Lastly, If you really cant configure, I recommend you purchase well config with a good script. I sell/resell many good configs with a good script.

脚本是指 JavaScript 或 lua 文件。这些脚本大多是由用户为扩展作弊功能而制作的。它就像为作弊编写一个 mod。脚本通常做的例子是指示器、最小伤害、自定义反瞄准和视觉内容等等。这是通过作弊开发者提供的 api 密钥实现的。您可以主要从作弊论坛或脚本编写者处获取脚本。就像作弊和配置一样,脚本也有付费和免费版本。免费脚本通常从免费配置或破解的泄漏脚本提供。付费脚本被您的作弊论坛用户 uid 锁定,因此泄漏它是无用的。请记住,只从可靠来源购买脚本,例如从受信任的脚本编写者(例 DHDJ)或受信任的平台/经销商(例我)购买。获取正确的脚本并根据您的游戏风格对其进行配置,然后它就会变得强大。最后,如果你真的不会配置,我建议你购买带有好的脚本的好的配置。我出售/转售许多带有良好脚本的良好配置。