The guide of HVH 2: The knowledgement HVH指南2:知识

Hello, in the previous guide, we had learned the basic information about HVH. Now, let's go further. Firstly, Anti aim function. This function lets you have a desync body in enemy view which won't give you damage. I know it sounds hard to understand so in a simple, desync is just meant the enemyś view of you is not sync. Therefore it calls "desync". The anti aim normally moves your body backward and lowers your head. This will helps you by not easily been head-shot. Secondly, we have the resolver to resolve the desync. Since the desync makes a "fake target" in your view, the resolver will try to resolve where is the real position at by detecting what is the desync look, since the desync will have a connection with their real position. Lastly, fake lag and backtrack. the fake lag is simply lagging you. The backtrack is very OP. It can "track" or "pull" you back when they want. This means they can still hit you when you already leave that place and go under a cover. If there is a problem, there is a solution, that is what fake lag for, it will much decrease the amount that people can backtrack you, but you need to config it well unless you want to lag when you don't want to.

您好,在之前的指南中,我们已经了解了HVH的基本信息。现在,让我们更进一步。首先,反瞄准功能。这个功能让你在敌人视野中有一个不同步的身体,不会给你造成伤害。我知道这听起来很难理解,所以简单来说,不同步意味着敌人看你的身体不同步。因此它称为“不同步”。反瞄准通常将您的身体向后移动并降低您的头。这将有助于您不容易被爆头。其次,我们有解析器来解决不同步。由于 desync 在您的视图上产生“假目标”,解析器将尝试通过检测 desync 外观是什么来解析真实位置,因为 desync 将与其真实位置有联系。最后,假滞后和回溯。假滞后只是滞后你。回溯非常OP。它可以在他们想要的时候“跟踪”或“拉”你回来。这意味着当您已经离开那个地方并进入掩护时,他们仍然可以击中您。如果有问题,就有解决方案,这就是所谓的假滞后,它会大大减少人们可以回溯你的数量,但是你需要好好配置它,除非你想真正的滞后。