The guide of CSGO HVH and information CSGO HVH指南和信息


This guide is only for community HVH server only, please do not cheating in any other server.

Firstly, we need cheat/hack software. There is many options, paid or free. Let us start with paid cheat first as they are safe and without virus. The most used paid public cheat is Both of them are powerful when you config it well and use it well. For free cheat, most used the onetap cracked V3 for now, the cracked version of but I do not recommend using this as it will not have any official update. The well-known private cheat is game sense/skeet, you need an invite to join their forum or use the cheat, I do not recommend buying an invite as it may be a scam and not worth it.

 Secondly, the config. The best config is YOUR SELF ONE, as there are many types of ways to play hvh and the config needs to be changed for different conditions (that is why config make). Unless you really cannot make one then use a free config just like the KQLY technology blog provides you, or purchase a cheap config like our paid config.

Thirdly, the acknowledgment of a cheat. You need to understand the accurate and min damage things, so the auto sniper accuracy normally is about 60%. The SSG08 is about 73%. The fake duck is a function that you are ducking and you able to shoot the height that when you standing. The DT is a function that you are able to rapidly fire two-shot on the auto weapon, normally use on an auto sniper. The hide shot is able to prevent you been onshot by decrease the time that you move your head to the enemy position.

Lastly, remember only use cheat in an HVH server and NOT TO CHEAT IN ANY OTHER SERVER!



首先,我们需要一个作弊/黑客软件。有很多选择,付费或免费。让我们先从付费作弊开始,因为它们是安全且没有病毒的。最常用的付费公开作弊是。当您配置好并使用好时,它们都非常强大。对于免费作弊,目前大多数使用onetap 破解版V3,它是 的破解版,但我不建议使用它,因为它不会有任何官方更新。众所周知的私人作弊是gamesense / skeet,您需要邀请才能加入他们的论坛或使用作弊,我不建议购买邀请,因为这可能是骗局而且不值得。

 其次,配置。最好的配置是你自己的,因为有很多类型的 hvh 方式,并且配置需要根据不同的条件进行更改(这就是配置制作的原因)。除非您真的无法制作,否则请使用KQLY  technolgy 博客为您的提供的免费配置,或者购买像我们的付费配置这样的廉价配置。

第三,作弊的知识。您需要了解准确和最小伤害的东西,因此自动狙击手的准确度通常约为60%。SSG08约为73%。假鸭子是你在躲避的功能,你可以拍摄你站立时的高度。 DT是自动武器上可以快速连发两发的功能,一般用在自动狙击手上。隐藏射击能够通过减少您将头部移动到敌人位置的时间来防止您被击中。

最后,记住只在 HVH 服务器中使用作弊,不要在任何其他服务器上作弊!