The Fusion.js

 Hello, javascript is always an important part of onetap software. The javascript can do a lot of things and extend the function. Therefore, I will like to introduce Fusion. The Fusion is still a test version now, many things are unstable and don't have many functions. The javascript is free and I welcome anyone to share it, as this javascript is making it possible because of many open-source project. This is a javascript for onetap version 3, I will post the open-beta version soon.

您好,javascript 始终是 onetap 软件的重要组成部分。 javascript可以做很多事情并扩展功能, 因此,我想介绍 Fusion。 Fusion现在还是测试版,很多东西不稳定,功能不多。 javascript 是免费的,我欢迎任何人分享它,因为许多开源项目使这个 javascript 成为可能。这是 onetap 版本 3 的 javascript,我将很快发布公开测试版。